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The Details Of Jamia At A Glance.
Established: October 2017

Mawlana Saeed Ridah Qadri Al’Hanafi

Syllabus Of Jamia In Brief

Tajweed Faculty
New students are enrolled under this department. Upon completion of the art of recitation of the Holy Qur’an 

students are then admitted either to Hafiz or Alimi Section.

Hifz Faculty
Jamia’s Hifz department has an outstanding reputation. Due to the dedication

 and efforts of the teachers, students are capable of becoming Hafiz within a relatively short period of time.

Alimi Faculty
Under this faculty students are taught from primary to the highest level of Islamic syllabus known as (Dawra-e-Hadith). 

This faculty is staffed with teachers who are specialist in their respective area of expertise such as
– Uloom-at-Tafseer,
– Uloom-al-Hadith and
– Uloom-al-Fiqh etc.

The unique qualities of Jamia.
• Students lead congregational prayers within the Jamia as a future development
• Special care for characteristics along with education.
• Persuing students to live their lives according to Quran & Sunnah
• Revision class everyday after school & college from 9 pm – 12:00 am under teacher supervision
• A continual report system so that the parents are made aware of their child’s progress.
• Students are trained to deliver lectures, recite the Holy Qur’an and Nasheeds in fortnight
congregational programmes.

Jamia Tur Ridah Also Offering
Part Time Courses

– Tajweed Course
– Qiraat Course
– Imamat Course
– Nikah Course
– Naat & Nasheed Training

Special & Separate Classes and
Section For Sisters (Ladies)

– Separate Block For Sisters
– Highly Qualified Teachers
– Subject Specialised Experties

Note:- Residential & Non-Residential Facilities Are Also Available Only For Boys.